Aberdeen Creek

Congratulations to Moody Graham on their Merit Award for Residential Design for Aberdeen Creek in Annapolis, MD.

The landscape architect was asked to create multiple garden spaces around the renovated house. Each garden has a different character. Collectively it is a sequence of places for the quiet contemplation of nature.

The clients, through their foundation, fund research into the health benefits of nature in the city. The garden design is informed by the results of that research. Protected places to sit in nature, prospect views, moments of mystery, vertically layered gardens, and opportunities for soft fascination are incorporated in the design.

The development of the garden has been a multi-year project with close collaboration between the clients, gardener, and landscape architect. The clients continue to challenge us to add spatial interest, to enhance the unique character of each area, and to increase plant diversity. The plants are a mix of native and exotic, with an emphasis on indigenous selections.

As part of their educational outreach, the clients host cultural (museum boards, environmental NGOs, nature/resiliency experts) groups from the area and from neighboring states on tours of the garden. While the garden is only 1.16 acres, it has five distinct garden rooms and appears larger than it is. This garden is a role model for a garden for human resiliency.