Historic American Landscapes Survey (HALS)

2019 HALS Challenge: Historic Streetscapes

We are pleased to announce the winners of the 2018 contest.

The Historic American Landscapes Survey (HALS) was created in 2000 to document our country’s significant landscapes. Much progress has been made in identifying cultural landscapes but more work is needed to document these designed and vernacular places. For the 10th annual HALS Challenge, we invite you to document historic streetscapes. Many cities have come to appreciate the cultural and commercial value of their historic streets. Disneyland and Walt Disney World have welcomed arriving visitors with an idealized nostalgic representation of Main Street U.S.A. since their inception. Main Street Programs across the nation have encouraged the revitalization of commercial historic districts, and now the Complete Streets movement is sweeping the design world.

What makes your favorite historic street(s) unique? Does your local Historic Preservation Commission protect the streetscape characteristics and features of historic districts along with the contributing buildings? You may increase historic landscape awareness with your local governments and preservation commissions by documenting historic streetscapes for HALS and illuminating these significant pieces of America’s circulatory system.Please choose an individual street or a contiguous network or grid of streets to document and pay particular attention to the landscape features: benches, bollards, bus stops, circles, context, crosswalks, curbing, drainage, facades, fencing, festivals, fountains, gutters, islands, lampposts, medians, meters, monuments, paving, pedestrian malls, parades, parking, planters, plazas, porches, public art, ramps, setbacks, sidewalks, signage, significance, squares, steps, stoops, street trees, traffic lights, trolley tracks, utilities, etc.

People from every state are hereby challenged to complete at least one HALS short format history to document these beloved resources.  Click here for details.  31 July 2019: Submission deadline

For further information contact:

James O’Day, Potomac Chapter ASLA HALS Liaison (jamesoday@aol.com) or HALS Landscape Architect Chris Stevens  (chris_stevens@nps.gov).

Preservation Through Documentation!

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