Smart City Vizag

Our Merit award in the Analysis, Planning and Urban Design category goes to AECOM for their Smart City Vizag plan in Southeast India.

The Smart City initiative aims to proactively manage record-setting growth, provide needed infrastructure and amenities and diversify the economy across a 5500 Square KM region of southeast India.  The process involved tailored public outreach across the region. Beyond personal engagement in workshops and household surveys, a custom designed website and an educational cartoon series in the local dialect was published in the regional newspaper. The educational cartoons solicited feedback via SMS messaging.

Satellite mapping of soil moisture levels during recent monsoon seasons was used to identify suitable areas for new settlements and to avoid intensive development near wetlands.  Alternative development patterns were explored in comparison to the business-as-usual condition. The GIS-based scenarios were evaluated on proximity of future population to employment centers and avoidance of critical habitats and flood prone areas.

Near the oldest part of Vizag, an open sewer and rail corridor is transformed into a linear park that filters run-off, treats waste water and provides additional routes for container traffic to the Port.  Integrated air quality monitoring within public space alerts adjacent neighborhoods to changing conditions. The jury appreciated the community engagement elements, and noted that the project addressed the large picture as well as small site details.