8th Street Arts Park

Project: 8th Street Arts Park

2018 Merit Award for Social Impact

Presented to Lee and Associates, Inc.

8th Street Arts Park, formerly an asphalt alley abutting an overgrown railroad right-of-way, was adopted by a local community group who engaged the design team to assist with their vision to create a vibrant multifunctional space that features fixed, moveable, and performance art; and, accommodates different users and programs. The design team collaborated with the community committee to solicit public feedback and develop a design that achieved the vision while accommodating the challenging height and access restrictions of a DC alley. Working native plant and vegetable gardens bookend the space and are programmed by the community to educate neighborhood children. Through the artist selection process, conducted by the community and design team, local artists were challenged to transform site furnishings into art. Excellent work on behalf of Lee and Associates, Inc., one of the Merit Award Winners for Social Impact this year!