Simon Elementary School Playground

Project: Simon Elementary School Playground

2018 Merit Award for Social Impact

Presented to LandDesign

The Potomac River’s Oxon Run tributary, located in southeast Washington D.C., suffers particulate matter pollution largely due to untreated runoff and impervious ground surface. The Simon Elementary School playground, once an uninspiring space located less than five hundred feet from the banks of Oxon Run, was a prime example of land contributing to rain runoff issues. The landscape architects capitalized on stormwater management as a vehicle to create an educational landscape centered on the story of water, as well as overcome the challenges faced in watershed rehabilitation. The design consciously redirects roof drainage, guides swales through play space and increased pervious surface by thirty percent to reduce erosion and decelerate runoff to allow for infiltration. This became a pilot for maximizing green features in conjunction with a successful program assisting schools in installing green infrastructure. Congratulations to 2018 Merit Award Winners, LandDesign, for their achievements in the Social Impact category!