Childs Point

Congratulations to Campion Hruby Landscape Architects on their Honor Award in the Residential Design Category for Childs Point in Annapolis, MD.

The 8-acre site along the South River, is designed to collect all runoff from the home’s roof and paved surfaces through a series of bioswales and rain gardens. Lawns at the top of the property were reduced, and a planting buffer circles the property to capture, filter, and infiltrate water prior to it entering the South River and Chesapeake Bay Watershed.

The Landscape Architects worked closely with the Architect to blend the outdoor areas seamlessly with the architecture for a harmonious indoor/outdoor living space.

Plantings throughout the site are intended to connect with the surrounding natural landscape and wood chip paths weave through the existing woodlands and take guests on a journey around the property.

The lush gardens provide constant seasonal color and texture while acting as a sanctuary for pollinators without interrupting dramatic views of the water. Plant species were selected specifically to be drought tolerant and require little to no irrigation and no additional inputs of fertilizers and pesticides.