Jennie Dean Park

Congratulations to LSG Landscape Architecture on winning the President’s Award for Jennie Dean Park in Arlington, Virginia.  The project was submitted in the Design-Built Category.

The purpose of this project was to renovate a historic twelve-acre park within a vibrant urban neighborhood, with the goal “to celebrate the area’s industrial, cultural and recreational heritage, while increasing access to recreation and nearby nature.”

Jennie Dean Park was the sole recreation area for people of color within Arlington County until the parks were officially desegregated in 1962. It featured baseball fields used by a number of African American teams and was for many years an essential community gathering space.

The park borders Four Mile Run, and the majority of the site is located within the 100-year floodplain. Carefully providing access to the riparian border and locating stormwater facilities outside of the floodplain were imperative to the design.

The Four Mile Run Valley is known for its industrial character, reflected in custom elements throughout the site. A site-specific art installation brings together the industrial and athletic heritage.