New Park at South Eads and Army Navy Drive


Congratulations to LSG Landscape Architecture on their Merit Award in the Analysis, Planning, and Urban Design Category for their New Park at South Eads and Army Navy Drive in Arlington County, VA.

On a 1-acre site, historically home to car-oriented businesses,  this plan establishes a community-driven vision and framework for the development of a new park in Pentagon City.

Landscape architects served as mediators, navigating the existing site conditions, county goals, and community desires through three visioning efforts: First to introduce site opportunities and conditions, second to workshop potential design options, and third to present the final plan.

The feedback received helped shape the park’s character and amenities. The plan sets forth guidelines for a biophilic park serving as a contemplative, green oasis in a densely developed urban context.

Exposed to heavy traffic on three sides, shaping of landforms is a key strategy used to create a relaxing environment, by transforming the flat site into a dynamic and undulating landscape. Stewardship and sustainability efforts include integrating a raingarden, pollinator gardens, permeable paving, and a streetscape design which includes boardwalks and curb alterations designed to preserve an existing mature cottonwood tree.