Reconstruction of Oregon Avenue NW

Congratulations to Volkert Inc. on their Merit Award in the Design-Built Category for the Reconstruction of Oregon Avenue NW in Washington, DC.

Oregon Avenue is a 1 ¾ mile roadway adjacent to Rock Creek Park. The design reconstructs the roadway, comprehensively resolving transportation, community, and natural system issues in one holistic project.

The design process followed a Context Sensitive Solutions approach and used materials and practices which either preserve or enhance the corridor and its surrounding landscape.

Rock Creek Park is one of the oldest parks in the National Park Service. The design process had to be sensitive to the surrounding context while also addressing the needs of multiple stakeholders.

Leading the design process, landscape architects were instrumental in educating design engineers and regulatory agencies about the importance of collaboration. By embracing cultural, environmental, and economic sustainability as part of the design, landscape architects guided the team in converting a resistant community into one that advocates for the project.